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Central Kalahari 

The Central Kalahari or Kalahari Game Reserve is situated in the Botswana part of the Kalahari and is one of the world’s most famous safari destinations. It is rich in wildlife such as cheetah, wild dog, leopard, lion and many more.

The Central Kalahari’s total area is about 52 800 km2 (larger than Denmark or Switzerland and about 1/16 of the total size of Botswana), which makes it the second largest game reserve in the world. The Kalahari is home to a large diversity of animals and landscapes. Explore fossilized rivers in Deception Valley. Due to its remoteness, climate and harsh terrain it is pristine Africa at its best. Kalahari covers a near 84% of Botswana’s land area. The Kalahari Basin consists of sediments that has been deposited on Bedrock over thousands of years. 

The Central Kalahari National Park was established in 1961. Bushmen – called San – have inhabited the Kalahari for thousands of years and dates back as far as the stone age. The Bushman or San still live here roaming their territories as nomadic hunters.

If you are planning to visit the northern part of Central Kalahari during the rainy season (November until March) you should take malaria prophylaxis with you.Experience the Central Kalahari on a self drive or guided self drive safari adventure. 

How to get to the Central Kalahari?

There are 4 main entrances into the park: Khutse in the south, Xade in the west and Matswere in the northeast. The recommended entry point into the northern game-rich part is through Matswere or Motopi gate. 

  • Access to Matswere via Rakops (55 km distance)
  • Access to Xade via Ghanzi (172 km distance)
  • Access to Khutse via Letlhakeng (113 km distance)
  • Access from Ghanzi to Motopi Gate ( 135 km distance )

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